A cosy fire or fascinating underwater worlds?
The choice is yours!
Turn your screen into a snugly fireplace or plunge into the breathtaking world of marine creatures - in pin sharp Full HD images.
Listen either to relaxing classical tunes or choose alternatively the natural soundtrack - both in perfect 5.1 sound!
Order No: 60080
Running Time: ca. 140 min
Release: August 08

Earthscapes in HD

The World’s Most
Beautiful Places
An introduction to the
Earthscapes HD Collection
featuring High Definition footage of some of the world’s most stunning natural environments.
This program contains selected footage from all 9 of the 1 hour programs.

Order No: 60070

Order No: 60071

Next releases February 09

Order No: 60075

Order No: 60078

Four Seasons in HD

Enjoy a walk through the seasons!


Get additional features that turn your TV screen into a breathtaking HD enviroment

All discs include two classical soundtracks plus the original sound in 5.1 DTS format

Additional Feature:
Watch the clouds as they move across the sky
Order No: 60083
Additional Feature:
Relax and feel the crispness of crystal clear waters
Order No: 60084
Additional Feature:
Warm yourself in front of a snugly fireplace
Order No: 60085
Additional Feature:
Enjoy the crackling of a cosy fireplace
Order No: 60082
Release: January 09

Order No: 60073

Order No: 60074

Order No: 60077

Order No: 60076

Order No: 60072


“She has the voice of an angel”
Michael Jackson
Hero / Earth Song
Special Features
Hero / Earth Song
Special Features
Maxi CD
Hero / Earth Song / Once Upon a Time
Nisha Kataria was born in the Canadian city of Ottawa in 1986. At the age of eleven, she had already been rewarded with the Martin Luther King Prize for her early singing achievements. Due to her brilliant performances at famous sporting events Nisha was suddenly recognized by millions of people in the State of Arizona.
In 2003 Nisha Kataria was introduced to the “King of Pop” Michael Jackson . Nisha
performed personally for the pop legend, so impressed by her voice Michael Jackson
decided to record some songs with Nisha, also to work with her and to become her
mentor. A rarity in the story of the star.
In 2006 Nisha toured throughout England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland with the well-known boy group Westlife .
Recently, Nisha has been working on the recordings for her first album with world-famous producer Timbaland . The result of this collaboration is  set for release in Spring 2009.
In moving forward Nisha is now releasing her version of Mariah Carey’s number one hit “Hero,” a new interpretation of the “Earth Song” from her mentor Michael Jackson as well as the ballad “Once Upon A Time” from Avenue Music.